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Council Highlights Jan. 11

Town of Bonnyville

Council Highlights

Regular Council Meeting

Jan. 11

HIVE YOUTH CLUB – LETTER OF SUPPORT: Town Council ratified a letter of support for the Hive Youth Club. Administration received a request on Dec. 16 for a letter of support that they would include in their application for the Civil Society Fund.

FCM ATTENDANCE: As time is fast approaching to book reservations for the 2022 Federation of Municipalities (FCM) Conference, Council had discussions and agreed to approve attendance for all Councillors at the FCM Conferences in Regina (2022) and Calgary (2024.) They also agreed that the Mayor & C.A.O., along with only three Councillors, be authorized to attend the 2023 conference in Toronto and the 2025 conference in Ottawa. Which three Councillors will attend will be decided in the future.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Administration informed Council that 601 business license renewals were sent out. To date, 55 renewals remain outstanding. From October to December 2021, two new businesses applied or obtained businesses licenses and one was cancelled. Council receives an Economic Development Report on a quarterly basis and shares this information with Community Futures and the Chamber of Commerce.

YEAR END WRITE OFFS: Council passed a motion to write off certain 2021 Accounts Receivable and Utilities. In Accounts Receivable about $1,145, which had been outstanding since June 2021, and $1,085 in Utility write offs, due to customers who have claimed bankruptcy, out of business, or leaving Town were approved. All of these accounts are deemed uncollectable.

Notice of Special Council Meeting

Citizens of Bonnyville are advised that a Special meeting of

Bonnyville Town Council is scheduled for January 18, 2022

at 6:00 p.m. at the Town Office Council Chambers.

This will be available on the Town of Bonnyville YouTube and Facebook channels for residents to view.

PHOTO GALLERY: 2021 Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus came to Town!

The Town of Bonnyville hosted their Santa Claus Parade on Friday, Dec. 10. Council, along with floats of all shapes and sizes, escorted old St. Nick down main street.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the parade a success this year!

Santa Claus took some photos before he climbed onto his float to see all the good little boys and girls in the Town of Bonnyville. Photo by Doreen Kushnir.
BrokerLink. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Float by Stuart Olson. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Off Road Perfection. Photo by Robynne Henry.
EMCON. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Sick Cycles Inc. Photo by Robynne Henry.
TOMCO Production Services. Photo by Robynne Henry.
ATCO. Photo by Robynne Henry.
The Bonnyville Legion. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Bonnyville Jr. A Pontiacs/ASTEC Safety. Photo by Robynne Henry.
MD of Bonnyville. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Fort McKay Mechanical. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Jennie’s Diner and Bakery. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Wedding Cake Wonders. Photo by Robynne Henry.
B&R Eckel’s. Photo by Robynne Henry.
Ducharme Motors. Photo by Robynne Henry.

PHOTO GALLERY: New Council Sworn In

Town of Bonnyville Council was officially sworn in during their Organizational Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Town CAO Bill Rogers officially started the Organizational Meeting until Mayor Elisa Brosseau was sworn in. Once that was completed, Councillors Brian McEvoy, David Sharun, Kayla Blanchette, Byron Johnson, Phil Kushnir, and Neil Langridge were officially sworn in.

Official Election Results

The results are in, officially.

The Town of Bonnyville has submitted its official results from the 2021 Municipal Election to Alberta Municipal Affairs.

The following is a breakdown of the mayoral and candidate results that were submitted:


When the polls closed on Oct. 18, 1,235 out of 4,375 eligible voters cast their ballots, which was a 28.23 per cent voter turnout.

The Mayor and Councill will be sworn in on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Council’s Organizational Meeting and their first regular Council Meeting will also be held that evening.

When it came to electors who answered the first referendum question, 946 voted ‘yes’ to removing equalization payments from the constitution and 264 voted ‘no’ to the question.

Of the electors who answered the second referendum question, 823 voted ‘yes’ to adopting year-round Daylight Saving Time, while 435 voted ‘no.’

Town of Bonnyville Métis Flag Raising Ceremony


BONNYVILLE – There will be another flag flying over the Town of Bonnyville’s administration office.

On Thursday, Sept. 2, Town Council, the Métis Nation of Alberta, Local Dignitaries, and Community Members came together to witness the raising of the Metis flag.


Joint Media Release – M.D. and Town of Bonnyville sign ICF

Municipal District of Bonnyville and Town of Bonnyville

Joint Media Release

M.D. and Town of Bonnyville sign ICF

April 14, 2021 — The Municipal District of Bonnyville and Town of Bonnyville Councils recently adopted a joint Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) Agreement that directs intermunicipal communication and cooperation on services used by residents of both municipalities. 

Municipalities that share a common boundary had to create an ICF by April 1, 2021, as per the legislative requirement introduced in 2016 through the Municipal Government Act. Based on the negotiations, the M.D. will pay the Town a lump sum cost share calculated at $1.5 million for a list of various services that they provide.  Any future variance or change to the lump sum cost share calculation will be discussed by a joint Intermunicipal Committee for consideration and approval.

“This ICF solidifies the cooperative relationship the M.D. has long had with the Town of Bonnyville,” says Reeve Greg Sawchuk. “Our Council continues to be in favour of providing financial support to the Town where justified and when calculated through a transparent and fair process.”

The contribution by the M.D. was determined by two factors: the amount of M.D. residents living in the Town of Bonnyville service area, and the population of the Town. The M.D. and the Town, through existing, separate agreements, also share the costs for the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority and 9-1-1 Centre, and the Bonnyville & District Centennial Centre, which are not included in the ICF Lump Sum Calculation. 

“The Town and the M.D. of Bonnyville continue to enjoy a positive cooperative and collaborative relationship to the benefit of our region”, says Mayor Gene Sobolewski. “The ratification of the ICF further demonstrates our resolve to better our town and the region in our ongoing effort to provide efficient service delivery to our ratepayers. I congratulate the Town and MD Councils to make this possible.”

As part of the ICF agreement, the municipalities, through the joint Intermunicipal Committee, will meet again before the agreement expires in five years time to review the document and work towards any needed changes. 

For more information, contact:

Greg Sawchuk,

Reeve, Municipal District of Bonnyville


Gene Sobolewski

Mayor, Town of Bonnyville


Bonnyville Regional Waterline: Is Complete!

Bonnyville Regional Waterline

The long-awaited Waterline changeover is here!

Starting Monday, February 1st, 2021, the transition from the Bonnyville Water Treatment Plant to the Cold Lake Regional Waterline will happen.  The Town of Bonnyville would like to share some important reminders for those residents that are part of the Bonnyville’s distribution system.

As previously mentioned, the new regional water system will be disinfected with chloramination vs the current disinfection with chlorine.  Due to the regional water systems disinfection being different, the Town of Bonnyville will be flushing the distribution system of its current water on February 1st , 2021. This process is required as per Alberta Environment.

During this changeover time, it is recommended that residents flush their internal plumbing for approximately 10 minutes or until any water colour changes and/or cloudiness is diminished. At the same time, the Town will be flushing the distribution system of chlorined water and filling it with chloraminated water.   

Individuals who utilize dialysis machines will need to ensure that any water used should be treated to remove any chloramines. If you require assistance on how to treat your water, please contact your physician.

Fish tank owners must de-chlorinate the tap water before filling their fish tank.  Ammonia and chlorine, both present in chloramine, will have adverse effects on fish. De-chlorination solution is readily available where fish tank supplies are sold. 

Any questions or concerns please contact Public Works at 780-826-3550 or

Bonnyville Regional Water Commission C.A.O. Mark Power at 780-826-3496