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The Town of Bonnyville is proud to be a designated community under the Rural Renewal Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP).  As a designated community, the Town of Bonnyville is positioned to provide an important pathway between eligible local businesses with suitable job openings and qualified newcomers. 

The Rural Renewal Stream offers eligible workers an opportunity to immigrate to the community with the formal support of the Town of Bonnyville. The nomination takes place through a provincially-approved process managed by the Town’s economic development team. The program can be used to attract and retain newcomers and support local employers by filling labour gaps. This will support workforce development by helping employers meet labour demands, expand the skilled workforce, and support community and economic growth.

For questions about the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream, email our economic development person: Mark Laver

Rural Renewal Stream: Employer Eligibility

Rural Renewal Stream: Information for Candidates

Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream Job Board

View the 10-step process

The Town's economic development person will review the application and may conduct an interview with the employer to determine eligibility and gather more information. Once considered complete, the application will be forwarded to the next meeting of the Town of Bonnyville Economic Development Advisory Committee. The Economic Development Advisory Committee may request the presence of the employer or a designate to answer questions about the application.


The Economic Development Advisory Committee will review the application and will determine eligibility by a vote of the committee.

Once an employer's application has been approved by the Town of Bonnyville Economic Development Advisory Committee, it will be posted to the Town of Bonnyville's Rural Renewal Stream Job Board within 48 hours. Employers may continue to advertise the position via other channels as they like. 

Prospective candidates can review the job boards and will apply for positions directly to the employer. The employer undergoes their usual hiring process for foreign nationals. It is strongly advised that employers ensure prospective employees are eligible for immigration to Canada during the interview process and prior to making a job offer. Once the employer makes a job offer to a qualified candidate for permanent, full-time work, they can proceed to the next step. 

The employer applies to the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream for a letter of endorsement on behalf of the successful candidate. A Request for Endorsement Letter Form will be provided directly to the employer by the Town of Bonnyville's economic development person.

Once application for a letter of endorsement has been received it will be considered for approval by the Town of Bonnyville's Economic Development Advisory Committee. 

Once the application for a letter of endorsement is approved, the letter of endorsement will be issued directly to the successful candidate. The employer will be notified once the letter was issued.

Please note that in order to receive a letter of endorsement, candidates must receive a job offer from a business in the Town of Bonnyville for a position that has been approved under the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream. 

Once the successful candidate receives their letter of endorsement, the candidate then applies for provincial nomination through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program to receive a 204C letter from the Government of Alberta. 

Please note that at this point in the process, any questions about the application process or the application itself must be made to the Government of Alberta.

Once the successful candidate receives the 204C letter from the Government of Alberta, the candidate must then make application to the Government of Canada via Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada

Employers will meet with the candidate and a representative from Bonnyville and District FCSS. FCSS will provide the newcomer with community information, information regarding available supports, and provide them with the support they need to settle and integrate into the community. This meeting must take place within one month of the candidate's arrival in the Town of Bonnyville. 

A second follow-up appointment will be made with the successful candidate within three months of their arrival to ensure that they have the information and support they require. A contact point with the Town's Economic Development Officer will be provided to ensure that the candidate can receive additional support as they continue to navigate the immigration process and settle into the community.