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Town of Bonnyville Launches App

BONNYVILLE – A new app will be a one stop shop for Town of Bonnyville residents.

When Town Council expressed interest in launching a Town app, administration did extensive research on what residents wanted included and then looked for a company offering a product that would give Bonnyville residents what they wanted. That was found through B-CITI Solutions.


Lakeshore Drive Community Recreation Plan – We Want Your Input!

This project aims to explore opportunities around Lakeshore Drive Park Area, with the goal of enhancing recreational and wellness opportunities for Bonnyville residents and visitors.

We will seek your feedback on:

  • Enhancing the recreational and wellness opportunities at the Lakeshore Drive Park Area
  • Repurposing existing facilities and introducing new amenities 
  • Improving the Lakeshore Drive Park Area
    • Creating community spaces for outdoor gatherings 

Can’t Join Us in Person? Scan the QR code to take a quick survey and provide feedback:

Project Information: The Lakeshore Drive Community Recreation Plan is aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering vibrant community engagement within the Town of Bonnyville. The plan will be developed in alignment with key strategic documents such as the Town of Bonnyville Strategic Plan (2021-2031) and the Vision Action Plan 2024-2027, this strategy sets out to redevelop Lakeshore Drive Park Area into a premier recreational destination.

Road Closure Notification

Please be advised, there will be a scheduled service repair at 5210-51 Street, commencing at 7:30am , Tuesday, June 11th until 4:00pm , Wednesday June 12th . The section of the Road Closure will be from 5208 to 5212 – 51st Street. Local traffic only on 51st Street, All alleyways will remain open .

Thank-You in advance for your patience

RV/trailers are not permitted to be parked on roadway

Officer Tomm wants to remind residence that unattached trailers/RVs are not permitted to be parked on roadway. Traffic Safety Bylaw 1160-99

If you need to park your RV attach it to your vehicle on the roadway.

It’s also important to remember –  it then falls under the 72 parking limit for parking.

Roads in the Town of Bonnyville should not be used as a long term storage or parking for RVs or other trailers. 

If you find an orange tag or warning ticket please remove the Trailer/RV as soon as possible, or tickets can result. If you can not move it for some reason please contact Officer TOMM. 

If you have questions please contact Town of BONNYVILLE Protective Services Department. Call 780-826-3496 and ask for Officer Tomm.

Utility Fees

The Town of Bonnyville has recently been receiving inquiries regarding charges on some residents Utility Invoices for electricity and gas. The charge that is being inquired about states that it is for a property tax payment payable to the Town of Bonnyville.

There may be government charges, riders or franchise fees which are included on the utility invoice but the Town of Bonnyville does not charge property tax payments through your utility provider. Please contact your utility provider or your distributor (which can be found on your utility invoice), regarding information relating to these rate charges.

Community Standards Bylaw # 1375-11

Community Peace Officer TOMM would like to send a friendly reminder out to residents about their back laneways and properties regarding grass/weeds. 

Community Standards Bylaw outlines that a person shall not cause or permit a nuisance to exist on land they own or occupy. One of the common issues this time of year is the unkempt grass or weeds higher than 20 centimeters.  

If you receive a letter, or notice in the form of a orange door knocker – please rectify the matter as soon as possible or call Officer TOMM if you have questions or are unable to address the matter. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or can not address your lawn/back-lanes please let Officer TOMM know at the Town of Bonnyville. 

1 780 826 3496

Notice of Preparation of the 2024 Combined Assessment and Property Tax Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Combined Assessment and Property Tax Notices for the Town of Bonnyville, made under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, have been prepared for all assessed property in the Town of Bonnyville and mailed May 27th, 2024.  To address assessment concerns, please contact Accurate Assessment Group by calling 1-877-438-2305.  You will be asked to leave your name and contact information and a qualified Assessor will call you back to discuss your assessment.

In accordance with Section 460(1) of the Municipal Government Act any person(s) wishing to object, must, file his/her complaint using the Government of Alberta “Assessment Review Board Complaint Form” number LGS1402 or Form number LGS1405 for Tax Agents within sixty (60) days from the Notice of Assessment Date of the Combined Assessment & Property Tax Notice.  The Assessment Review Board Complaint Forms may be obtained from the Town of Bonnyville Administration Office or online from the Municipal Affairs website at  Completed forms and the required appeal fees are to be forwarded to:

Clerk of the Assessment Review Board

Town of Bonnyville

4917-49 Avenue

Bag 1006

Bonnyville, AB   T9N 2J7

during the business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Appeal Period

June 4th – August 6th, 2024

Assessment Appeal Fees

Residential                $  50.00

Non-Residential       $100.00

Note that Taxes are due on June 30th, 2024

Dated this 27th day of May, 2024

Bill Rogers

Chief Administrative Officer