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Attention Bargain Hunters: 

The Town of Bonnyville will be hosting its first ever Town-Wide Garage Sale – June 8 and 9.

Clear out the basement, garage and crawl space. This event is a great way for residents to find new homes for their unwanted stuff. The Town is coordinating a town-wide event of garage, yard and sidewalk sales where local residents and businesses can take advantage of the coordinated effort. 

Highlight June 8 and 9 on your calendars for the Town of Bonnyville’s town-wide garage sale.

First-time garage saler? See below for some information on the sale. 


How Does it Work?

  • Register on the Town-wide site and provide us with some information about your garage sale. Towny staff will approve submissions and add addresses to the map on this site. You’ll be provided a lawn sign (only 100 available) to further help you advertise your garage sale.

Is There a Cost to Participate?

  • No.

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone, all you need is an address within the Town of Bonnyville’s limits.

Can Businesses Join?

  • Absolutely, but you will need to provide proof that you are having a separate sale or promotion rather than just offering regular business services/products.

When and Where Can I Pick Up My Garage Sale Sign?

  • Register your address, dates and hours of operation here on the Town-Wide garage-sale site. Town staff will approve each submission and add the address to the online map. You’ll be provided a lawn sign (only 100 available) and your address will be visible on the map.
  • Garage sale signs will be available for pick-up from the Town office beginning June 2nd – 8.30am-4.30pm.

Please fill out the form below if you would like your garage sale pinned on the map that will be made available the week of the Town-Wide Garage Sale.