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Town of Bonnyville Raises Ukrainian Flag

BONNYVILLE – The Ukrainian Flag will be flying at the Town of Bonnyville Administration Office in support of the people of Ukraine.

On Friday, March 4, members of Town Council, elected officials from the Town and County of St. Paul, Village of Glendon, MD of Bonnyville, and City of Cold Lake, along with Bonnyville-St. Paul-Cold Lake MLA David Hanson, members of the Bonnyville District Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, first responders, and the public gathered for a somber affair to show their solidarity for those impacted by the violence unfolding in Ukraine.

“I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the country and people of Ukraine who are currently suffering,” Town of Bonnyville Mayor Elisa Brosseau said during the ceremony. “Being from a community that was, in part, established on the hard work and dedication of the Ukrainian people, it is incumbent of us to come together to recognize them and to stand in solidarity with them.”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. Members of the Bonnyville community and surrounding areas have been organizing fundraisers and sending donations to help Ukrainians impacted by the invasion in any way that they can.

Father Peter Haugen with the Bonnyville District Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada stressed the importance of the flag raising and what it stands for to the local community and everyone impacted by the invasion.

“It’s our show of love, support, and hope for all of those who are suffering today in the Ukraine,” Haugen expressed. “We have to keep our hope that our Ukrainian land can see freedom and the civilian casualties, and the casualties of our soldiers will cease.”

The action may be small, but it shows that the Bonnyville community supports all Ukrainians affected by the invasion.

Mayor Brosseau said she was glad to see everyone come together to raise the Ukrainian flag.

“There are many first and second-generation Ukrainian citizens that live in and around the Town of Bonnyville, who are feeling firsthand the atrocities that are happening to their home country of Ukraine. We want to pray with you, and for you, and we are here for you in your great time of need.”

Bonnyville-St. Paul-Cold Lake MLA David Hanson said, “Our hearts go out to them, we stand with them as Canadians and as Albertans.”  

The Ukrainian flag will fly outside of the Town Hall, alongside the Province of Alberta’s, Canadian Flag, and Francophone Flag, until the conflict has ended.

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