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Town of Bonnyville Approves 2022 Budgets

BONNYVILLE – Town of Bonnyville Council gave the green light to the 2022 Operational and Capital Budgets.

CAO Bill Rogers described the Operational and Capital Budgets as ‘Council driven financial plans.’

“The upcoming year sees the Town of Bonnyville in year three of the COVID-19 pandemic and its related economic challenges,” he told Council during their April 12 regular meeting. “The Bonnyville region has also, as we all know, been hit very hard by the economic downturn that began in early 2015. While we are starting to see improvements in our local economy and the future of Bonnyville looks bright, Budget 2022 continues Bonnyville’s long-standing practice of providing high quality services to our residents as efficiently as possible.”

The balanced $22.69-million Operational and $25.42-million Capital Budgets directly reflects Council’s strategic priorities, Rogers stated. This includes community expectations, economic development, and financial sustainability.

The 2022 Operating Budget includes a two per cent municipal tax increase, which was included to keep service levels high within the Town of Bonnyville.

“That was included in order to maintain our levels of service,” stated Rogers. “We have had a several unexpected increases to our bottom line, largely associated with increases to insurance and other fees to the Town out of our control, which have resulted in an increase of almost $400,000 in expenses in the Operating Budget.”

Ensuring services remain high was a highlight for Town of Bonnyville Mayor Elisa Brosseau.

“I like that (administration) acknowledged that… service delivery is so important for us for the residents of the Town of Bonnyville,” she expressed. “I do really appreciate all the hard work that administration puts into ensuring that we maintain that level pre, and now, post-COVID-19.”

Rogers described 2022 as a ‘banner year’ when it comes to Capital projects. There will be approximately $19-million invested in crucial core and value added Capital Projects in the community.

Highlights from the 2022 Capital Budget include the design and implementation of a Town of Bonnyville app, planned tourism strategy, continued repairs to the Jesse Lake Trail, construction of a trail from the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre to the east end 7/11, a study on the Jesse Lake water levels, construction of Pickleball courts, continued expansion of planned outdoor recreation facilities, such as outdoor gym equipment, among others.

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