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Tax Assessment

The Town of Bonnyville derives the majority of its revenue to operate on from property taxes. Property taxes are calculated based on a market value assessment that is established by an accredited Assessor. The market value assessment is multiplied by a tax rate established by bylaw.

You can view a map with the latest assessment information HERE.


Tax bills are sent out on the 30th of May and are due on the 30th of June annually.

You can now pay town utilities and taxes by credit card.  The Paytm Canada App is a 3rd party service that is currently a free service for personal (residential) accounts that will accept credit cards to make your town utility or tax payments.  The service provider may charge service fees and there may be restrictions on the types of credit cards accepted.  Please refer to the service provider’s website for terms and conditions of their services, charges, and payment processing times. Paytm information can be found at or download their app for your phone at your usual app store.

Starting November 1st, 2019, Paytm customers will be charged a 1.75% Credit Card convenience fee and 1.25% Debit Card convenience fee on every bill payment for all categories.

It’s important to note that if you have an upcoming bill payment scheduled for November 1st and onwards, you will be charged a convenience fee if you are paying with a credit card and/or debit card.

You will not be charged a convenience fee when you make a bill payment using either your bank account or Paytm Cash, or when you purchase an e-gift card using a credit card or debit card. American Express credit card convenience fees will remain at 3%.

Penalties for taxes in arrears are as follows:

The Town of Bonnyville has a prepayment plan should residents prefer to make monthly payments for their property taxes. This can be done through automatic bank withdrawals.

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