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Spring Clean Up Blitz

From May 9th to 20th, The Town of Bonnyville will be partnering with various community minded groups and individuals to stage a Town wide clean up effort.

The idea is to get as many people as possible involved in this week of activities.

 Call 780-826-3550 to participate.


May 24th to May 27th
Back Lane Clean Up

 Large Furniture,
Appliances and Car Bodies

Large items must be ready for pick up at the lane.  Town equipment will NOT travel onto private property.  CAR BODIES will be picked up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call 780-826-3550 to arrange the appointment.  Tires, batteries, and fuel must be removed from cars. 

May 24th to May 27th

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste pick up will be May 25 to May 28 to allow residents the long weekend to clean their yards.

This pick up will be restricted to yard waste. Example: small amounts of tree branches no longer than 3 feet and general landscaping waste.

Do not bag or mix with other   material.   Set these compost  materials in a neat pile in the lane
separate from other waste. 

Materials NOT Picked Up:

· Large Rocks

· Construction Material of        Excessive Amounts

· Oversized (3ft+) Wood

· Household Hazardous Waste

· Propane Tanks

· Dog and Cat Feces.

Please ensure all items for pickup are set out in the back lane before
7:30 a.m. Tuesday May 24th.  All items will be picked up on the same day (ie metals, plastics, wood, paper etc)

Glass Clipping Project:

This project reduces waste at the transfer station. Put your grass in a separate, clearly identifiable container, marked with the words…

“Grass Clippings”   OR

Put grass in a clear plastic bag. It will be picked up in the back alley and is separate from the regular garbage run. Grass can be placed at garbage cart pick up location if residence does not have a back ally.


This program will continue for the balance of the summer.

Please clearly mark your bags and ensure they are NOT contaminated with garbage.


The Town would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to cut the grass adjacent to your property and the back alley, even outside your fence.  Please do your part to keep Bonnyville Beautiful!

Town of Bonnyville Landfill fees will be waived for week of May 24th– May 27th for Town Residents on items that would otherwise be picked up as part of back lane clean up.

The Recycle Compound:

The Town of Bonnyville has bins for most types of recyclable items to reduce the amount of waste at our transfer station. 

The Recycle Compound has bins for the following items:

· Newspaper

· Cardboard

· Rinsed Plastic Containers

· Office paper, magazines, & books

· Rinsed Glass Jars

· Plastic shopping bags

· Rinsed Tin Cans

Public Works compound accepts:

· Electronics

· Paint

Transfer Station accepts (no charge):

· Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Fluorescent lightbulbs are to be separated from transfer station waste.

May 9th—May 20th

Community-Not for Profit Organizations can donate a couple of hours and receive $5.00 per bag of collected garbage.  Public Works will provide the bags and gloves.  Call:  780-826-3550