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Employers who wish to fill job vacancies using the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream must meet a series of criteria and apply for the program before providing a genuine offer of full-time employment to a qualified and eligible candidate. If your business is interested in accessing the program, you can complete the online Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream Employer Application Form here.  Applications require a 30-day review and approval period. 

  • A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is not required, but demonstrated efforts to recruit locally, provincially, and nationally are required.
    • Job Opportunities must be available to Canadians first, at the same pay and working conditions. Employers must demonstrate that they have attempted to advertise the job vacancies locally, regionally and nationally. The Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream requires that employers advertise for at least two weeks prior to applying to the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream. This is a minimum standard.

  • Once approved in the program and prior to issuing an offer of employment, employers should note that the occupation and the prospective employee must also meet eligibility criteria under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program's Rural Renewal Stream. There are also requirements surrounding the job offer itself. Employers are strongly encouraged to review the available information carefully and become familiar with the requirements.
  • Employers are required to demonstrate knowledge of the responsibilities of welcoming newcomers and how to provide a warm and welcoming environment. A business looking to participate in the program must demonstrate that it understands and knows the employer's responsibilities with respect to federal and provincial immigration laws and regulations. The following are resources that prospective employers are encouraged to review prior to recruiting:

The Government of Alberta defines occupations that are not eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream. A list of ineligible occupations can be found on the Government of Alberta's Rural Renewal Stream - Eligibility web page.

All employers will be required to submit a completed Town of Bonnyville Renewal Stream Employer Application Form.

Still have questions? If you would like to meet with the Town of Bonnyville’s Economic Development Officer, Mark Laver, to discuss the Town of Bonnyville Rural Renewal Stream, learn more about the process, or to discuss your application, please email