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Attention all Plumbing, Gas & Electrical Contractors

Effective immediately, there will be a 2 day turn over time on permits. Please plan for time to pull permits before work is commenced. Penalties will apply if the project is started prior to pulling the required permits.
Email applications to Thank you.

Planning and Development Service Fee Increase

To obtain a copy of the full fee schedule please contact the Town Office, Planning and Development Department at 780-826-3496 or email request a copy to

Should you have any questions regarding permits and required fees, please contact us.

This department provides administrative services, inspection services, safety code services, legislation/regulation knowledge, liaison with clients (applicants and/or owners) as well as working with consultants, regulatory agencies and property owners/taxpayers, community groups, contractors, business industry and residents.

We require that the department provide core services to clients and local ratepayers on the basis of cost recovery fees for service and tax base funding.

  • We are committed to working as part of a management team to administer the planning and development services and to incorporate change and new technology, for a more efficient and effective administration of Planning and Development.
  • We continue to establish public input into planning and development issues and establish changing trends in planning through the process.
  • We provide activity and land bases reports, statistical reports, legislation reviews, administrative reports and Council reports, with department recommendations.
  • We establish development standards, negotiate Development Agreements, maintain records. Master maps, development plans, contract consultants and enforce development standards.



Answer a short series of questions about your current or proposed business to create a customized list of the permits and licences you may need from all levels of government. 
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View the bylaw here. To view all town bylaws, navigate to the Bylaw Documents.

Land Use Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Town of Bonnyville to achieve the orderly and economic development of land, and for that purpose, amongst other things.

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Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw No. 261-05)

The purpose of this Municipal Development Plan is to provide a framework for the Town of Bonnyville decision making and action in the realm of community planning.

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