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Northeast Alberta Bird Watching Resources

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Jessie Lake, Bonnyville

Shorebirds, songbirds and waterfowl all call this lake home. Common bird varieties include yellow-headed blackbirds, American avocets, willets, marbled godwits, Franklin’s gulls as well as eared and horned grebes.


Cold Lake Provincial Park

Perching birds such as, wood warblers, sparrows, flycatchers, vireos and thrushes are all common too this park. Other varieties include; brown creepers, golden-crowned kinglets and western tanagers. The shallow centre bay, adjacent to Cold Lake Provincial Park is home to one of Alberta’s largest nesting colonies of western grebes.


Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

Common bird species found in this park include; twenty species of wood warblers, white winged crossbills, olive-sided flycatchers and Swainson’s and hermit thrushes.


Whitney Lakes Provincial Park

Whooping Cranes to warblers; great blue herons to yellow headed blackbirds, Whitney Lakes is a birders paradise. Approximately 148 species have been recorded in the area. Other birds to look for include the Connecticut and Tennessee warbler, northern flickers and the pied billed grebes.


Therien Lakes

Ring billed and California Gulls, double breasted cormorants, black crowned herons, blue herons, Canada Geese and American white Pelicans are all common to this area. Rare birds include the Barrow’s goldeneyes and hooded mergansers.


Cross Lake Provincial Park

Ospreys, bald eagles, blue herons, ruffed grouse and several warbler species all call this park home.

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