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Keep in Touch with Public Works

Town of Bonnyville Residents; do you ever have questions that come to mind for the Public Works Department? We have answers for you.

There are several departments that make up Public Works to provide a service to each resident in the community. The Public Works Department is responsible for everything that goes into operating, and maintaining the Town’s infrastructure that you use every day: parks & trails, public roads, water, wastewater, drainage, and solid waste disposal systems. 

Public Works Questions & Answers    

Roads: Q: Why do we crack fill/ pothole fill and when?                                                                                 

A: To restore the road to driving condition and to prevent moisture infiltration which would result in a larger pothole. This is typically started in the Spring and completed in the Summer.

Q: Why do we do Dust Control/Street Sweeping?

A: It is a great way to clean up the community, it also keeps the dust down and removes debris before it enters the storm drains. This is generally completed after the winter months and in accordance with the street sweeping policy.        

Q: Why do we prune trees and when? A: trees are pruned for safety reasons/sightlines to make signage visible at intersections. This also maintains the tree’s life span which, depending on the tree, can be done all year round.  

Utilities: Q: Why is my water bill unusually high?

A: Essentially any water that goes through the meter is calculated. Your water bill could be high due to; increase of watering lawns, increased domestic water usage or a continuous or intermittent water leak after the water meter.  Often hidden factors may be unknown such as running toilets or leaking faucets. Although the water may not have been used for its intended purpose, water still registers through the meter and while we can check it out for you with the use of a “data log”, water meters do not typically over register.

Q: What is a sanitary sewer main?

A: A sanitary sewer main is an 8-12” diameter pipe that connects to the household service to transport wastewater to one of seven sanitary lift stations before it enters the lagoon. Sewer mains are typically located in the front Streets and Avenues but are also present in a few back alleys. Sewer mains can be recognized/accessed by manhole covers in the roadway.

Q: What are the usual causes of a residential sewer back up?

A: There can be many factors resulting in residential sewer back-ups. Grease drippings that solidify in the sewer service, intruding tree roots,” flushable wipes” that DO NOT breakdown as advertised, and hygiene products are the main causes.

Parks: Q: How often are playground inspections done?

A: certified playground inspectors perform weekly, monthly, and yearly inspections on all 10 of our municipal playgrounds. Weekly (daily in the summer) park inspections are completed to check for litter, vandalism, playground stability, and to re-distribute the sand. Monthly inspections involve checking all components of the playground for cracking or splitting and any exposed foundations as well as any pooling of surface water. Yearly inspections are done to ensure play structures are compliant, and includes entanglement testing, and ensuring the depth of the surfacing remains within compliance.

Q: Where is the location of the Off Leash Dog Park?

A: The dog park is just Southeast of Ducharme Motors, and south of 47th Avenue. Please follow the rules that are posted keeping your dog on leash while not inside the park. Some exciting news, we will be adding some agility structures this year, so be on the look out for that.    To Answer more of your questions, please feel free to contact the Public Works Maintenance Shop at 780-826-3550 and we will do our best to assist you.