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Bonnyville Bylaws, Regulations and Policies

Please note that hard copies of all Town of Bonnyville bylaws are available at the Town Office.

Frequently Requested Bylaws:

alt  Off_Site_Levy_Bylaw_with_all_Schedules.pdf

alt Curfew Bylaw

Traffic Safety Bylaw

alt Garbage Bylaw

alt Community Standards Bylaw (Replaces Noise Bylaw and the Untidy Premises and Abatement of Nuisances Bylaw) - effective July 12, 2011

Animal Control Bylaw

alt Bylaw No. 1433-15 - Smoke Free Bylaw in Public Places/Workplaces

alt  Bylaw No 1351-10 False Alarm Bylaw

alt  Regulation and Licensing of Businesses

alt  Transportation of Dangerous Goods

alt  Land Use Bylaw No. 1447-16

alt  Municipal Development Plan Bylaw

alt  Utility Bylaw

alt  Fire Service Bylaw 1355-10

2016 Tax Rate Bylaw

Frequently Requested Policies:

alt Subdivision and Development Servicing Standards


Snowfall where roads are blocked: roads will be cleared in the following order: 
1.  Emergency service sites, entrances and routes; and airport
2.  Arterial and collector roads
3.  Business sections, school zones and routes
4.  Municipal facilities and access routes
5.  Residential roadways
6.  Lanes

Snowfall where all roads are passable:
1.  Airport and emergency routes
2.  Business sections, school zones and routes
3.  Arterial and collector roads
4.  Residential roadways
5.  Emergency service sites
6.  Municipal facilities
7.  Lanes

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