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Business Licensing

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Business Licenses are required for:

  • businesses or individuals providing goods and services within the Town of Bonnyville
  • businesses based or located within Town limits.
  • non-profit organizations operating within Town limits.
  • All Home Occupations and Craft Sales
  • all Home Party Sales
  • any charitable or non-profit organization
  • a person selling meat, fish or other farm produce that has been raised or grown by him/herself or fish of his/her own catching in the Province of Alberta.
  • any business which operates solely for the purpose of providing goods or services to:

Business Licenses are not required for:

  1. the Town of Bonnyville.
  2. any business having a current business license at the location of a trade show or exhibition for a consecutive period of not exceeding 7 days without a separate business license being required for that location.
  3. any participant contracted to the operator of a Special Events and covered under a Special Events License.

Business Licensing Information

Economic Development Office (Vacant)

Mark Power, Chief Administrative Officer
Bag 1006
Bonnyville AB
T9N 2J7

Telephone: 780-826-3496

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