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Schools in Bonnyville

Among Bonnyville’s many attractions is its strong educational base. From early childhood schooling to post-secondary training, the area offers many educational options to both its youth and adults.

Education With Diversity

The Northern Lights Public School System administers a wide list of schools throughout the Bonnyville area.

Bonnyville also offers a strong Roman Catholic Separate School System through the Lakeland Catholic Separate School District.

Bonnyville offers a strong Francophone education through the East Central Francophone Education Region No. 3 and the Ecole des Beaux-Lacs School in Bonnyville.  The mission of Ecole des Beaux-Lacs School is to ensure transmission and vitality of the language and culture of French and Catholic values.  Ecole des Beaux-Lacs allows the pupils to maintain and develop their French identity, while learning English the third year.  The school allows their pupils to acquire all skills required to integrate to society, Alberta, Canada and to contribute to the growth and vitality of the Franchophone community. 

Definite Advantages

The schools in Bonnyville are able to be more responsive to the best interests of their students. Both school systems offer not only a high level of academic studies, but also a wide range of technical studies.

The Northern Lights School Division offers a Tech Prep Value-Added Diploma in which students can supplement their academic studies with enhanced career guidance and the necessary technical skills and abilities to qualify for entrance into many college or technical training institutions. This program allows students to pursue one of three streams: technology studies, business studies, and human services.

The Registered Apprentice Program is a joint project between the three school divisions  which is offered to all high school students in Grades 10-12. This program allows students to choose from more than 70 trades and to finish their high school education with a first year apprenticeship in the trade of their choice.  All three School Divisions offer Registered Apprentice Programs (RAP) to students.

The School Divisions and Districts:

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