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Why you Should Invest in Bonnyville

The Town of Bonnyville’s “Take Charge” Economic Development program offers opportunities to entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations that choose to live and grow in the “multi-business, multi-natural environment”.

Investors looking for businesses opportunities in Bonnyville can be assured that there is a solid and prosperous population base in the trading area.

Bonnyville Population Map

12,000 people within a 10 minute radius of Bonnyville
27,000 people within a 30 minute radius of Bonnyville
49,500 people within a 60 minute radius of Bonnyville
56,500 people within a 90 minute radius of Bonnyville

Bonnyville believes in working with commercial partners to create an opportunity for community growth and a return on investment for the venture’s shareholders. We believe in a win-win relationship that will be environmentally acceptable, viable, and that will improve the community and the growth of the region.

The focus of the Economic Development program is on four areas:

  • 1. Business Opportunities
  • 2. Marketing and Promotion
  • 3. Business Development, and
  • 4. Quality of Life

Looking for a site for your business?

Contact the local realtors by checking out the list of realtors in town.

Real Estate Servies


We have established strong and viable partnerships with neighboring municipalities and with Alberta HUB (Northeast Alberta Information Hub)

Alberta HUB is the regional economic development alliance of Northeast Alberta. Alberta HUB is a partnership of community and educational members who have joined together to promote the advantages of our region.

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