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Electrical Permit

Attention all plumbing, gas and electrical contractors

Effective immediately, there will be a 2 day turn over time on permits. Please plan for time to pull permits before work is commenced. Penalties will apply if the project is started prior to pulling the required permits. Thank you.

When Is An Electrical Permit Required?

An Electrical Permit is required whenever electrical work is being done, with the following exceptions:

  • Work pertaining to electric railways
  • Aircraft
  • Coal mines, industrial mines, and quarries
  • Marine vessels except those which are connected to a shore supply of electricity
  • Recreational vehicles and mobile homes
  • Installations related to elevators
  • Extra low voltages, unless they are safety control circuits (i.e., doorbells, security systems)

Who can Obtain an Electrical Permit

The following individuals may obtain an Electrical Permit:

  • A Master Electrician
  • A homeowner of farmer for construction of an electrical system on their residential premises if:
    • The service does not exceed 100 amperes, and the system does not exceed 300 volts
    • If only that person or immediate family members permanently reside on the premises
    • If any assistance is required, it will be provided by family members only working without remuneration
    • A homeowner may not obtain an Electrical Permit for a mobile home located in a mobile home park