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Development Permit


For Development and Building Permit application packages, please contact the Department at 780-826-3496. Permit fees can be obtained by contacting the Development Technician.

The Development Permit ensures that the proposed building, structure, or use of building or land meets the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. A person shall not commence any development unless a Development Permit Application has been approved and a Development Permit has been issued.

Both a Development Permit and a Building Permit are required for most building construction and additions in the Town of Bonnyville. One set of drawings (2 drawings) MUST be submitted with the above noted applications.

The following development shall not require a Development Permit provided that the proposed development is in conformance with the applicable regulations of this Bylaw:

  • The carrying out of works of maintenance or repair to any building, provided that such works do not include structural alterations or major works of renovation as defined in the Building Permit Bylaw with amendments thereto.
  • The erection or construction of gates, fences, walls or other means of enclosure, in residential districts, (other than on corner lots or where abutting on a road used by vehicular traffic) less than 1.0 m in height in front yards and less than 2 .0 m in side and rear yards, and the maintenance, improvement and other alterations of any gates, fences, or wall or other means of enclosure.
  • A temporary building, the sole purpose of which is incidental to the erection or alteration of a building, for which a Development Permit has been issued under this Bylaw.
  • Accessory structures not greater than 10.0 m2 and/or not exceeding 2.4 m in height.
  • The construction of an unenclosed deck or landing not higher than 60.0 cm above grade.
  • The maintenance and repair of public works, services and utilities carried out by or on behalf of a federal, provincial and municipal authority on land which is publicly owned or controlled.
  • Utility connections and maintenance, including television, telephone, electrical, heating installation work to a building, provided that the use or intensity of use of the building does not change.

Development Application Submission Requirements

The following information is required to process your application. Failure to submit any of the below may cause unnecessary delays. Additional information may be required as considered necessary by the Development Officer.

  1. A Completed Development Permit Application with:
    • The signature of the registered owner of the land or an agent authorized by the owner to make application.
  2. A Development Permit Application Fee
    • Major developments
    • Minor developments
  3. A Site Plan (to include the following details):
    • A North arrow
    • The corresponding Street and Avenue
    • The legal description
    • The dimensions of the site (property lines)
    • The size and location of existing and proposed buildings and structures to the property lines
    • The outline of roof overhangs and dimensions (if applicable)
    • Yard setbacks (front, rear and side)
    • The size and location of existing and proposed accesses to the site
    • Provisions for off-street loading and vehicle parking
    • The location and dimensions of any easements affecting the site
  4. The Floor Plans (to include the following details):
    • The size (dimensions) of the building
    • The number of floors & square footage of each floor
    • A room layout with all dimensions indicating all uses
    • The location of walls, doorways & windows (sizes)
    • A seating layout and/or occupancy capacity where applicable (e.g. restaurants, churches, schools, etc.)
  5. The Building Elevations (to include the following details):
    1. Showing all sides of the building
    2. The building height
    3. The exterior finishing materials
  6. A Landscaping Plan (where applicable)
  7. Grade elevations and drainage of development site in relationship to adjacent properties and streets.
  8. The approximate location and boundaries of the bed and shore of any body of water that bounds the property (where applicable).