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Building Permit

Attention all plumbing, gas & electrical contractors

Effective immediately, there will be a 2 day turn over time on permits. Please plan for time to pull permits before work is commenced. Penalties will apply if the project is started prior to pulling the required permits. Thank you.


For Development and Building Permit Application Packages, please contact the department at 780-826-3496. Permit fees can be obtained by contacting the Development Technician.

A Building Permit is permission or authorization in writing to allow for commencing of construction. A Safety Codes Officer will review, approve and inspect your project, to ensure that it complies with the Alberta Building Code.

A person shall not commence any building unless a Building Permit Application has been approved and a Building Permit has been issued.

When do you need a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is required for:

  • The erection or construction of any building; this includes prefab garden or tool sheds
  • The alteration of any building, including extension, enlargement, improvement, addition, or conversion of any building
  • The repair of any building
  • The demolition of any building
  • The excavation of any land for the purpose of erecting or locating on or above any building
  • The installation or use of any mechanical equipment specifically governed by the Act
  • The relocation of any building or part thereof
  • The occupancy of any building or part thereof
  • The installation of a fireplace or any other solid fuel burning appliance regardless of cost of installation.

When do you not require a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is not required for:

  • Painting and decorating
  • Minor repairs not exceeding $1,000.00 in value where matters affecting health or safety are not involved and where structural changes are not involved
  • Repair or alteration to any heating, ventilating or air conditioning system which is of minor nature and which in the opinion of the Inspector will not hinder the satisfactory operation of the system, and does not involve a matter of health or safety to the occupants of the building
  • Fences or gates that conform to the Land Use By-Law

The application shall be made to a Safety Codes Officer at the Town Office.