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Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps #252, Huron

Sea Cadets in Bonnyville

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program teaches knowledge and skills about seamanship, sailing, and traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy for youth 12 to 18. The Canadian Cadet organization helps to develop skills that will help youth transition into adulthood by offering the experience of a peer led program. The cadet program:

  • Invites all Canadian youth age 12 to 18 that are Canadian citizens or authorized to reside in Canada.
  • Instills Canadian military values where the kid at program is guided by the best of the Canadian military values and ethics.
  • Develops citizenship, leader ship, and fitness.
  • Balances safety and challenge in activities.
  • Leaves a positive lifelong impact.

Right here in Bonnyville you will find Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Huron. We parade from September to June, one night a week with a few days of weekend training spread throughout the year.

For more information please contact local sea cadet officers at