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Council Highlights Oct. 11 & 25




OCTOBER 11 & 25

2023 BUDGETS: Council discussed Draft 1 of the 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets. The first draft of the Operational Budget has a deficit of $721,034, which must be balanced in order to conform with the Municipal Government Act prior to final passage. Revenue has seen a decrease from the 2022 Final Budget, including elimination of reserve transfer for snow removal, minor decreases in Farmland Taxes, Atco Franchise fee, RCMP lease, bylaw fines, and MD water and sewer revenue. Expenses have increased by $623,116 since the 2022 Final Budget. These changes include funding requests from outside organizations, technology increases, Public Works Shop Building repairs, fuel costs, among others. Draft 1 of the Capital Budget was presented to Council balanced at $16,390,093. After Council’s Strategic Planning Session last month, they identified Recreation and Wellness and Economic Development as their top two priorities. Administration presented a Capital Budget that reflects those priorities, which included funding towards Recreation and Wellness and Economic Development activities once project are approved by Council. Administration offered suggestions on projects that could be scaled back or deferred such as scaling back the Road Rehabilitation, deferring 52 Ave. Infrastructure Replacement, among others. Draft 2 of the Operational and Capital Budgets will be presented to Council at the Nov. 22 Regular Meeting.

BUDGET OPEN HOUSE: The Budget Open House is set for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Draft 2 of the Operational and Capital Budgets will be presented. Council will take any feedback received from residents before an Interim Budget is passed before the end of the year. The meeting is in Council Chambers. Residents are welcomed to attend to ask questions and the meeting will also be Live Streamed on the Town’s YouTube and Facebook page.

PROCLOMATION: Mayor Elisa Brosseau proclaimed November as Family Violence Prevention Month in the Town of Bonnyville. Alberta has the third highest rate of self-reported intimate partner violence among Canadian provinces and the community benefits from creating awareness in resources on family violence. Violence against women and children represents one of the most significant societal issues that endangers Canadians health and well-being. All community members in the Town of Bonnyville have a role to play in preventing family violence.

GO EAST REGIONAL: Council passed a motion to send two members to the Go East Regional Tourism Organization AGM and 10th Anniversary Special Event at a cost of $80. This is the first time Go East has held an in-person meeting since this Council was elected.

TAX PENALTY CANCELLATION: A request to have a tax penalty cancelled for a local business was denied during the meeting. Although the local business had never missed a payment prior, it was noted the late payment was due to an administration error. Council passed a motion to refuse the request due to the precedent that it would set.