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Business Licenses are required for:

  • Businesses or individuals providing goods and services withing the town of Bonnyville.
  • Businesses based or located within town limits.
  • All home occupations and craft sales
  • All home party sales
  • Any charitable or non-profit organization
  • A person selling meat, fish or other farm produce that has been raised or grown by him/herself or fish of his/her own catching in the Province of Alberta.
  • Any business which operates solely for the purpose of providing goods or service.

Business Licenses are not required for:

  • The Town of Bonnyville
  • Any business having a current business license at the location of a trade show or exhibition for a consecutive period of not exceeding 7 days without a separate business license being required for that location.
  • Any participant contracted to the operator of a special events and covered under a special events license.

How to Apply for a Business Application:

View Business License Application

The application form will require you to provide information on the nature of the business as well as the municipal street address. In some instances you may be required to:

  • Obtain approval from other agencies (i.e. Consumer & Corporate Affairs, or the Health Unit).
  • Fill out an additional information form, if the proposed business is a Home Occupation.
  • Have a letter of approval from the owner of the dwelling if the applicant is a tenant wishing to obtain a Business License for a Home Occupation
  • Obtain a Development Permit if:
    • you are operating a business in your home.
    • the use of your business space is being changed (i.e. retail to office space).
    • The fee for a Development Permit is: 
      – Home Occupation: $150.00 (yearly renewal required with business license renewal fee of $25.00.

Application Process

Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

If you are applying for a Home Occupation please be advised that your application may require approval from the Municipal Planning Commission and be advertised in the local newspaper over a two (2) week period.

If the application is approved, the license will be held for pick-up or will be mailed, at the preference of the applicant, providing the Business License fee has been paid.

Business Licenses Fees

Business License fees are subject to the Business License fee schedule as amended from time to time. See Bylaw 1236-03 or consult with the Town Office for more information.

Business licenses not paid for by the renewal date are subject to a penalty as per the Bylaw. Business licenses will not be released until the fee and penalty are paid in full.

Please contact Business Licensing Clerk for pricing.

Economic Development Office

Bill Rogers, Chief Administrative Officer
Bag 1006
Bonnyville AB
T9N 2J7

Telephone: 780-826-3496

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