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Alberta RCMP Eastern Alberta District Detachment to implement safe exchange zones

Eastern Alberta – On Nov. 16, 2023, 22 of the 27 detachments of Alberta RCMP’s Eastern Alberta District will be implementing a safe exchange zone program. The other 5 detachments already have a safe exchange zone established, including Bonnyville Detachment.

With the advent of new technologies, Alberta residents actively connect with one and other to conduct sales and purchases. Although many of these transactions occur safely without issue, there are safety risks associated with meeting anyone online. Additionally, there are many other interactions where the public may have concerns about their safety such as child custody, and document exchanges.

In an effort to improve safety in the communities we serve, Eastern Alberta District detachments with the ability to accommodate these zones are implementing designated safe exchange zones. These zones will be clearly marked outside Eastern Alberta District Detachments as either parking stalls or a designated area. Residents need not contact the detachment to use the site. Simply advise the person that you are meeting that you would like to meet at the safe exchange zone outside the designated detachment.

“These safe exchange zones will provide a safer place for citizens to safely meet while making sales, purchases and exchanges including custody and visitation arrangements,” says S/Sgt. Sarah Parke of the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment.

The Safe Exchange Zone at Bonnyville Detachment is located in the West parking lot.

The safe exchange zone is not specifically monitored by the detachment or surveillance cameras, however, detachment officers are available to assist should there be a call for assistance. Any criminal activity is subject to enforcement action.