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The Town of Bonnyville is located in northeastern Alberta, approximately 240 kilometers (150 miles) from the provincial capital of Edmonton. The Town’s motto – “it’s Multi-Natural” – refers to the Town’s celebration of its diverse cultural heritage and rich natural resources.

Bonnyville is a great place to work, play and raise a family. It provides the perfect mix of community services through health, educational, recreation and cultural facilities. 

The economy is growing and expanding faster than the provincial average creating employment opportunities in construction, oil and gas, as well as retail sales. As a major service area, the Town serves more than 10,000 people. Bonnyville is the HUB for the oil and gas industry with over 60 national and international companies setting up head offices within the Town. Surrounded by lakes and majestic boreal forest, Bonnyville offers visitors and locals a treasure trove of natural wonders. Bird watching enthusiasts flock to Bonnyville’s Jessie Lake every spring to spot the nearly 200 bird species that use the lake as a stopping ground on their migration route.

In addition, hunters from around the world come to try their hand at bagging a white-tailed deer or a bear, and fishermen cast their lines into the area’s many lakes, hoping to bring home the big one.

What to expect in Bonnyville: Read about the lifestyle in Bonnyville here.

Bonnyville’s Logo

The logo symbolizes the diversity of Bonnyville and the surrounding area.

  • The vertical shape of the logo indicates that Bonnyville is a progressive community with economic permanence.
  • The black bar at the bottom represents the heavy oil industry as well as the soil and land base.
  • The blue water represents the multitude of surrounding lakes which provide a variety of recreational activities throughout the year.
  • The green segment symbolizes the lush land which supports a strong agricultural base. It also depicts the forestry industry and the green zone which surrounds the community.
  • The sun symbolizes the natural abundance of sunshine and the warmth and hospitality of it’s citizens.
  • The bird represents the abundant wildlife and the bird sanctuary.
  • The blue depicts the clean air and environment.

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