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Month: September 2022

Notice of Special Council Meeting

Citizens of Bonnyville are advised that a Special meeting of

Bonnyville Town Council is scheduled for September 28,

2022 at 1:00 p.m. at the Town Office Council Chambers.

Town of Bonnyville Mayor Recognized for Political Representation to Alberta’s Fancophonie

We want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Town of Bonnyville Mayor Elisa Brosseau.

Earlier this week, Mayor Brosseau was announced as the recipient of the Georges A. Arès Award from the ACFA.

Below is a statement from the ACFA about Mayor Brosseau:

“The Georges A. Arès Award, which the ACFA will present to Mayor Elisa Brosseau on Saturday, October 15, 2022, recognizes the political commitment, past or present, of a French-speaking Albertan who has contributed to the benefit of Alberta’s Francophonie. The ACFA selected Mayor Brosseau because she has been involved in representing Alberta’s Francophonie and defending its interests since at least 2017. She is currently president of the Alberta Bilingual Municipalities Association (ABMA). The ABMA brings together Alberta municipalities that recognize the added value of bilingualism for sustainable economic development.”

Town of Bonnyville Launches Economic Development Website

BONNYVILLE – The Town of Bonnyville is proud to announce the launch of a new Economic Development website –

Economic Development is a strategic priority of Council, and this website represents an initial step of marketing the economic opportunities in the Town of Bonnyville to local businesses, residents, and investors further afield. The website outlines the role of economic development, projects being worked on, a business directory, land and businesses for sale or lease, and a selection of resources that may be of interest to local business owners and entrepreneurs.

“We’re so excited to take this first step of many at improving the visibility of the Town of Bonnyville to the outside world,” expressed Economic Development Officer Mark Laver.

 Laver continued, “When developing the regional strategic economic development plan, we heard from many local businesses that they thought Bonnyville wasn’t well known beyond the immediate area.”

Town of Bonnyville Mayor Elisa Brosseau added, “Council has outlined Economic Development as one of our strategic priorities. Our goal is to see all businesses in Bonnyville be successful and have the necessary resources available to them to do so. Furthermore, Council wants to expand the number of businesses in Bonnyville to provide more services to Bonnyville and area residents.”

 For more information, please contact:

 Mark Laver.

Economic Development Officer.



Elisa Brosseau.

Mayor, Town of Bonnyville.