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News and Events



Town Vehicle Usage Policy

Risk Control Policy 

Records & Information Management Policy

Naming Policy

Bonnyville Swimming Pool Policies & Procedures

Surveillance Camera Located in Public Areas Policy

Public Participation Policy



Unsightly Properties - Clean Up & Process Policy

Municipal Enforcement Policy



Council Notes



Monthly Financial Reports for Council Policy

Automatic Meter Reading Installations Policy

Utility Disconnections - December - Policy

Accounts Payable Maintenance Policy

Quotations Policy

Designated Manufactured Home Tax Arrears Policy

Taxi Subsidy Policy

Property Tax Prepayment Plan Policy

Year End Surplus/Deficit Policy

Purchasing Policy

Tangible Capital Assets Policy

Streetlight Replacement Policy

Centennial Centre Surplus Policy

Community Donations Policy

Banking Policy



Occupational Health & Safety Policy



Street Sweeping Policy

Snow Removal Policy

Maintenance on Town Water & Sewer Mains Policy

Alley Paving Policy



Bylaw 1463-17 Intermunicipal Development Plan for Town and M.D. of Bonnyville

Bylaw 1261-05 Municipal Development Plan including Amending Bylaw 1300-01

Bylaw 1194-01 Railway Lands Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1241-04 Matichuk Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1244-04 Vincent Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1276-05 Ringuette Area Structure Plan (Amended)

Bylaw 1277-05 West Bonnyville Business Park Area Structure Plan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Bylaw 1294-07 North Bonnyville Industrial Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1320-08 Gateway Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

 Bylaw 1344-09 Beau vista Area Structure Plan (Amended)

Bylaw 1348-10 Lakeview Estates Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1354-10 Eastgate Area Structure Plan
Part 1
Part 2

Bylaw 1394-12 Hammons Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1447-16 Land Use Bylaw (Consolidated with Amendments to November 20, 2018)

Policy No. 01-PD-15 Advertising Development Permits for Direct Control Districts

Policy No.; 05-PD-045 Planning and Development Fee Waiver, Application Cancellation and Fee Refund Policy

Policy No. 07-PD-054 Planning and Development LIDAR Data Sets for Third Party Users

 Policy No. 12-PD-059 Building Permit and Plan Submission

Policy No 12-PD-060 Compliance Letters and Reviews

Policy No. 12-PD-061 Real Property Reports

Policy No. 12-PD-063 Development Security Deposit Refunds

Policy No. 16-PD-071 Directional and Signage Policy

Subdivision and Development Servicing Standards

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Town of Bonnyville

4917 - 49 Avenue Bag 1006 Bonnyville AB T9N 2J7

phone Phone: 1-866-826-3496  

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed for statutory holidays

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